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Safety Glasses

Hampton Park Optical has teamed up with
RxSafety Adelaide and ZEISS to put together
some frame and lens package deals.
Package prices including case and Medium
Impact Certification start from $220 for Single
Clear or photosensitive options are available.

Snooker Glasses

Whether you're a casual pub player or a state
representative you'll understand the struggle of
leaning over the table to play a shot with spectacles
At Hampton Park Optical Service we've been improving
the vision quality of enthusiastic billiard and snooker
players nation-wide for many years.
We've custom designed a specific deep lens shape
taking into account the raised optical centre needed
for optimum visual acuity in a snooker stance, and fit
the lenses to a raised position within a rimless frame
mount for undisturbed comfortable viewing focus.
There's no excuse now!
Starting at $350.00 complete.

Safety Glasses

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