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Safety Glasses

Hampton Park Optical has teamed up with Rx Safety in Adelaide and put together some frame and lens package deals complete with case and safety certification which meets the current Australian safety standards criteria.

These are as follows:

  • Medium impact Single Vision package complete - $220.00
  • Medium Impact Bifocals package complete - $265.00
  • Progressive package - $340.00

Transition options are available.

Snooker Glasses

We have been helping improve the vision quality of billiard and snooker players State wide for many years, whether you are casual pub player right through to a state representative.

As you are well aware when you lean over the table to play a shot using your everyday glasses you will struggle to see when the top of your spectacles come into play. We have customized a rimless pair of glasses fine-tuned your focal length and placed a set of anti-reflective deeper made Aspheric lenses into the rimless frames also raising the optical centres. All these adjustments have made the enthusiastic pool and snooker players all over the country more confident with their game and visual acuity. $350 complete

Safety Glasses

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