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All major leading brands of contact lenses are dispensed such as Johnson & Johnson, Ciba Vision, Bausch & Lomb, Coopervision Gelflex and Australian Contact Lenses.

Today's leading technology does allow more and more variety to first time wearers, some who thought contact lenses were not available for their vision or wearers of progressive spectacles thought that contact lenses would not be available for them to try.

Well think again the success rates for progressive contact lens wearers has never been so good, we have many successful patients that have been tried tested and happy with vision quality and comfort.

Many contact lens manufactures now use a lens made from silicon hydrogel. This material has very high dk which means oxygen is allowed to pass through the surface of the contact lens in turn helps to prevent the cornea from starving of oxygen. This step alone has had great achievement in keeping the front surface of the eye far healthier.

Contact lenses currently available:

  • Conventional ( lenses that will last for 12 to 18mths )
  • Monthly disposable for progressive wearers
  • Monthly disposable for astigmatic and spherical wearers
  • Fortnightly disposable for both spherical and astigmatic wearers
  • Daily progressive wearers
  • Daily astigmatic and spherical wearers
  • Coloured daily and fortnightly wearers

Contact lens tuitions for first time wearers patients that have never had contact lenses before can be taught how to successfully insert and take out there lenses and carefully maintain there contacts.

First time wearers will be charged a one off fitting and trial fee which is $120. Some patients the fee will be bulk-billed if there prescription is classified to be over a certain prescription criteria. All wearers will be trialled over a 2-4 week period in which time if successful and happy with the contacts clients are welcome to order them.

Multifocal contact lenses fortnightly and daily wear lenses designed for all day comfort with latest technology materials for premium eye health.

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